Zouad was a colonel in the army of the Lady's Empire, and was the Limper's "political liaison" and favorite enforcer.

The Black CompanyEdit

Colonel Zouad and Lane, a subordinate captain, hired about a dozen local thugs in Oar to attack their enemy Raven. The thugs fired Cornie's stable, where Raven was present with Black Company mercenaries Doughbelly and Jolly, and attacked the Company brothers as they fled. The Company brothers fought back, killing the dozen locals, while Zouad and Lane escaped. Doughbelly received a gash in his left forearm, which Croaker soon treated, but Raven was grievously wounded. Doughbelly reported to Elmo and Croaker that their attackers were not Rebels, but locals paid by Lane, whom he recognized, and Zouad, whom he had never seen before. Elmo realized that Lane's superior was Limper's favorite enforcer.

Zouad was later captured by the Rebel in Oar, and tortured extensively in a hidden underground chamber. The Limper attempted to rescue him, but was ambushed by Shapeshifter and some members of the Black Company disguised as Rebels. Zouad was buried alongside the Limper and many Rebels when Shifter unexpectedly collapsed the building. Only the Limper survived the collapse, escaping much later from the tons of rubble.

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