Zeb was an archer who was a sworn brother of the Black Company during the events of "Shaggy Dog Bridge".

"Shaggy Dog Bridge"Edit

Zeb was a member of a reconnaissance team led by Elmo and was accompanied by Rusty, Robin, Whittle, the wizard One-Eye, and the Annalist Croaker (who joined the group without permission). As they investigated the territory ahead of the main encampment of the Company, they discovered the bridge over the Rip that was hidden with sorcery. Later, when Zeb saw the source of the sorcery, Blind Emon, for the first time, he was deeply unsettled.

Zeb is not mentioned again in the available Annals. But, like all other brothers mentioned prior to the Battle of the Barrowland, he is presumed deceased since he was not among the 10 Company survivors of that battle.

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