Wobble was a sworn brother of the Black Company who was mentioned to have been killed in She Is the Darkness.

Wobble was Jaicuri (a native of Dejagore) and a stonemason by trade. Although he survived the harrowing Siege of Dejagore, everyone he knew was killed during that grim event. Similar to Sleepy – another Jaicuri who was displaced during the siege – Wobble attached himself to the Black Company after the siege was lifted. Sometime afterward he took the Company oath. He then participated in the later events of the Shadowmaster wars.

Murgen would recall in She Is the Darkness that Wobble had fought alongside him at the Grove of Doom in an ambush that took place in Bleak Seasons. There, they ambushed and killed many Stranglers and discovered that Narayan Singh had made an alliance with Longshadow via his shadowweavers. During this fight, Narayan and the Daughter of Night were evacuated at the last moment by the Howler aboard his flying carpet.

Wobble also fought against Mogaba's forces in the Battle of Charandaprash.

Wobble and a newcomer called Leadbeater were both apparently killed by shadows when the Company set up a camp near the shadowgate. Red Rudy informed Murgen the Annalist about the loss of both men, so that their names could be recorded in the Annals per the Company's centuries-long tradition. Murgen remembered Wobble well.

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