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Windy Country

Conjectural location of the Windy Country

The Windy Country is an inhospitable desert in the northern continent located west of the Plain of Fear and east of the Forest of Cloud and the city of Lords. Described as "big emptiness where the wind blows all the time", it contains no regular, fixed tracks and was shunned by the Lady's Empire as a worthless wasteland.

It was visited by Croaker the Annalist in both the The Black Company and The White Rose, and later by Bomanz in The Silver Spike.

The Black Company[]

The Black Company trekked through the Windy Country, alongside many hundreds of regular infantrymen of the Lady's Empire – about 3,000 total – after they were all forced to retreat from the city of Lords. They were closely pursued by Harden and other members of the Rebel Circle of Eighteen. During this harrowing march across the desert, Stormbringer exacerbated the horrible weather of the place with a massive, unrelenting storm, blasting directly into the Rebel path. The Company and the Imperial regulars finally reached the Stair of Tear, where they would make a heroic stand.

The White Rose[]

During The White Rose, the Black Company was in service to Darling and was the backbone of her New White Rose Rebellion. A special team of Darling's RebelsCroaker, One-Eye, Goblin, Tracker, and Toadkiller Dog – was sent to the Barrowland to find a mysterious sympathizer. After witnessing a surprise windwhale raid on Whisper's headquarters in a village called Spit, the team spent the daytime hours hidden in one of the Windy Country's canyons so their own windwhale would not be spotted by the new Taken. After nightfall, the windwhale flew them out of the desert south of Lords and over the Forest of Cloud.

The Silver Spike[]

Bomanz made the difficult journey into the Windy Country to track down Darling about a year after the Battle of the Barrowland. He was intercepted by two of Darling's companions – Silent and one of the Torque brothers – and the group soon left the desert together on the back of one of her windwhales.