Brigadier Wildbrand was the commanding officer of the elite Nightstalker Brigade, and a key player in the events of The Silver Spike. She was the proud commander of "the crack outfit in the northern army, rigorously trained for night operations and combat under wizard's war conditions".

The Silver SpikeEdit

Wildbrand and her Nightstalkers were ordered by Gossamer and Spidersilk (powerful twin sorcerers from the Tower at Charm) to turn over every rock and interrogate every person in the city of Oar in search of the silver spike. She loyally executed the orders but resented that her elite soldiers were being used as "political gangsters" for the twins' personal benefit. Later she was one of the first people to greet Exile, who was superior to Gossamer and Spidersilk, and who had taken over the operation in Oar.

Brigadier Wildbrand and one of her corporals were captured by Darling, Silent, and Raven. While they were bound and left alone, they were approached by one of the spike thieves, Old Man Fish, who demanded that they lie to Darling about the identity of his accomplice Smeds Stahl. Wildbrand nodded and her corporal later successfully sold the lie. As promised, Fish cut their ties and they fled. They were recaptured, however, by Silent, Raven, and Bomanz. During Wildbrand's failed escape attempt, Fish liberated Smeds, wounded both Case and Darling, and killed Paddlefoot Torque.

After a confrontation with the Limper at the walls of Oar, Exile and Wildbrand directed the hours-long engineering operation to retrieve the silver spike from inside the city rampart where the thieves had hidden it. Once the spike was exposed, Gossamer and Spidersilk betray everyone, and one of the twins threw Wildbrand from the rampart. She survived despite a broken arm and several busted ribs. When Case asked her for some help bringing his allies back up the rampart, she balked, but relented when Scar the menhir summoned a gigantic, intimidating windwhale. After Exile, both scheming twins, and the collection of dread lords and ladies from the Tower were killed, Brigadier Wildbrand emerged as the highest-ranking surviving Imperial officer on the scene. She worked with Darling to destroy what remained of the Limper and cooperated with the disposal of the spike in the Plain of Fear.

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