Whitey was a sworn brother of the Black Company. He was active prior to the events of the first book, during the band's contract with the Syndic of Beryl, and next during several key events throughout their first year of service in the Lady's Empire.

The Black CompanyEdit

Whitey was on sentry duty when he asked Croaker about the massive black galley (The Dark Wings) sporting five banks of oars in Beryl's harbor. Like everyone else, he was shocked at its size. They would later learn it belonged to Soulcatcher, the legate from the northern empire who would soon hire the Company on behalf of the Lady. Whitey made the trip with the rest of the Company aboard the massive vessel across the Sea of Torments.

Whitey was next mentioned in the Annals in Forsberg province. He arrived with the Lieutenant, Croaker, and some others outside a village that had been razed by part of the Limper's army. The Lieutenant ordered the sergeant Elmo to investigate, who chose Whitey, Otto, Silent, Peewee, Billygoat, Raven, Croaker, and three others to accompany him. Doughbelly brought the group to Longhead and Jolly, and they entered the village, which was strewn with corpses of all ages. Whitey was present when Raven rescued Darling and Flick from the Limper's men by shooting two of them. Elmo sent Whitey to retrieve the Captain for reinforcements just before the confrontation escalated with the Limper's officer Lane.

Shortly afterward, when the Company was in the major city of Oar, they learned the Limper would be arriving. Elmo ordered Whitey, Still, and Pokey to kill Cornie, an informant working for Colonel Zouad, which they did. When the Limper's hated rival Shapeshifter arrived, he ordered that Whitey and Still bring the corpse to him instead of disposing of it. Shifter soon used Cornie's likeness to ambush the Limper alongside some Company veterans.

In the Forest of Cloud, Whitey was with the main force of the Company when they stumbled into, and captured, Whisper's poorly-defended Rebel base camp. They defeated some ill-trained volunteers and a more experienced, all-female "amazon regiment". Whitey hollered to Croaker as he carried off one of the defeated Rebel women to assault her.

Whitey's fate after these events was not recorded. However, as he was not among the 10 Black Company survivors of the Battle of the Barrowland many years later, he is presumed to be deceased by the end of The White Rose.

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