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The White Rose Rebellion was a war waged by a general known only as the White Rose against the Dominator, his wife the Lady, and their minions, most prominently the Ten Who Were Taken. The Rebellion was a success, and the period known as the Domination was ended, liberating much of the northern continent from a tyrant's grasp.

Before Croaker's Annals[]

The Rebellion took place about 407 before the events described in Croaker's Books of the North.

The battles of the Rebellion were waged across the Great Forest in the far north, as the Great Comet grew in the sky. Few details are recorded regarding the military campaign, but, according to Croaker's research, 125,000 lives were lost. With the help of the common people, the White Rose overthrew the Dominator, the Lady, and the Taken. She even personally delivered a blow to the Limper, leaving a permanent scar on his forehead, left cheek, and reportedly down to his left breast. Despite the success of the Rebellion, however, the White Rose could not kill the most powerful enemies. Instead, she had them interred in mostly unconscious state within the Barrowland.

Although no chronicle specified how she accomplished such a great victory, it became apparent centuries later that her power was a null field: an invisible sphere which surrounded her and negated all magic.

According to the historian Croaker, after the White Rose's stunning victory:

The followers of the White Rose were not gentle victors. They burned books and cities, transported women and children, profaned ancient works of art and famous shrines. The customary afterglow of a great conflagration.

After that last outburst of violence, the language of the Domination, TelleKurre, became extinct and was replaced with other languages, including Forsberger. The north then came to know "centuries of peace".

An inspiration 400 years later[]

The White Rose was reincarnated as Darling about four centuries after the original White Rose Rebellion. As described in The White Rose, Darling led the New White Rose Rebellion, which was instrumental in finally killing the Dominator. And, although this later movement did not overthrow the Lady's Empire, one of her followers, Silent, closed the Rite of Naming on the Lady, stripping away her sorcery. In the years before Darling's appearance, the prophecy of the White Rose being reincarnated served as the inspiration for prior Rebel movements against the Lady's Empire. The most prominent of these was the Circle of Eighteen, featured during The Black Company.