Whiskers was a presumably male sorcerer and a member of the Circle of Eighteen. As a member of the Circle, he was the leader of a significant Rebel force warring against the Imperial armies of the Lady and her generals, the Ten Who Were Taken.

The Black CompanyEdit

Whiskers is mentioned by name only once in the annals of Croaker.

He and the remaining members of the Circle were the leaders of the siege of the Tower during the infamous Battle of Charm. He led some portion of the quarter of a million Rebels amassed there. On the first night of actual battle, Whiskers, Roper, and Tamarask (all Circle members) and several score other senior Rebel functionaries were reportedly killed. A major rumor circulated they were all wiped out by a beast that perfectly fit the description of a forvalaka. Another rumor indicated that Shapeshifter died that night (although this proved to be untrue). Upon hearing these two rumors, Croaker and One-Eye surmised that Whiskers' killer was actually Shapeshifter in disguise as the forvalaka.

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