I was thinking of creating some new categories to divide up the pages better relating to the series.

Characters, Creatures and Locations already exist. Possible new ones could include:

Cults and Religions - would include deities (Kina), known cults (Bhodi Monks), etc

Organisations and Groups - would include units  (Urban Cohorts), councils (Circle of 18), etc

Kingdoms and States - would include empires (Ladys Empire, States (Taglios), etc

Magic and Sorcery  - would include concepts (magnitude), types of magic (ritual of taking), etc

The Black Company - the company could have its own category due to being central in the series. would include various sub pages including ranks (some already exist), membership, etc

Peoples - would include various races and peoples (Telle Kurre and Gunni), etc

Timeline and Events would include conflicts (pastel wars), ages (Age of Domination), etc

Warfare - would include weaponry (fire ball projectors), battles (Battle of Juniper), etc

Alternately, Military units and conflicts could be included in wafare instead. Battles could be included in events instead. The various objects that already exist be could added to weaponry, magic artefacts, etc

What do you think?