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  • Bitterwood

    Top 3 Novels

    May 18, 2018 by Bitterwood

    Which are your favourite novels from the Black Company Series? Mine are:

    1: Shadows Linger - Marron Shed is a great narrator, and Raven being Raven...

    2: The Black Company - No explanation needed.

    3: The Silver Spike - The Spike Thieves in general are interesting characters, plus The Wicker Man.

    What are your thoughts... 

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  • Bitterwood

    Category Types

    November 12, 2017 by Bitterwood

    I was thinking of creating some new categories to divide up the pages better relating to the series.

    Characters, Creatures and Locations already exist. Possible new ones could include:

    Cults and Religions - would include deities (Kina), known cults (Bhodi Monks), etc

    Organisations and Groups - would include units  (Urban Cohorts), councils (Circle of 18), etc

    Kingdoms and States - would include empires (Ladys Empire, States (Taglios), etc

    Magic and Sorcery  - would include concepts (magnitude), types of magic (ritual of taking), etc

    The Black Company - the company could have its own category due to being central in the series. would include various sub pages including ranks (some already exist), membership, etc

    Peoples - would include various rac…

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  • Bitterwood


    November 12, 2017 by Bitterwood

    Hey, does anyone have any suggestions for new pages they want adding next?

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