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== Miscellany==
== Miscellany==
Potential future main page additions:
# [[Marron Shed]], [[Dominator]], [[Case]], [[Shapeshifter]], [[Lisa Daele Bowalk]]
# [[Prahbrindrah Drah]], [[Radisha Drah]], [[Smoke]], [[Willow Swan]], [[Blade]]
# [[Thai Dei]], [[Shadowspinner]]
# [[Suvrin]], [[Aridatha Singh]], [[Howler]], [[Shukrat]], [[Arkana]]
*[[Special:WhatLinksHere/She Is the Darkness]]
*[[Special:WhatLinksHere/She Is the Darkness]]

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This page is simply a notebook of reminders and ideas. Nothing too fun to see here, I'm afraid.

Selected cover artists


Potential future main page additions:

  1. Marron Shed, Dominator, Case, Shapeshifter, Lisa Daele Bowalk
  2. Prahbrindrah Drah, Radisha Drah, Smoke, Willow Swan, Blade
  3. Thai Dei, Shadowspinner
  4. Suvrin, Aridatha Singh, Howler, Shukrat, Arkana


  • " Nor could he open the way these days, without the Lance. The only other key had been stolen long ago by one of his dead colleagues. He did not have the necromantic power to call up their shades and compel the villain to reveal where the thing was buried." Longshadow // She Is the Darkness
  1. 70 Special:Contributions/ Sofia, Bulgaria
  2. 24 Special:Contributions/ Friesland, Netherlands
  3. 12 Special:Contributions/ New South Wales, Australia
  4. 07 Special:Contributions/ Bedford, UK
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Capitalization notes

The Black Company series is Glen Cook's world. We're just reading it. As such, this wiki obeys the capitalization rules the author created, strange as they may be. The "Wars" in Pastel Wars is capitalized, but lowercase for the Shadowmaster wars and the Kiaulune wars. The Plain of Fear is capitalized but the glittering plain is not. The great river is lowercase despite its significance. Stuff like that. It's our job to document it and be consistent.


  • "the wicker man"


  • "We were over the Forest of Cloud, south of Oar, east of Roses, west of Lords" The Silver Spike Ch XL
  • "The Sea lies seven thousand miles north of the grove." Dreams of Steel Ch 37


  • "The reward comes later. This time you'll be permitted to witness a rite unseen for five hundred years." The Lady, The Black Company ch. 4 "Whisper".
  • "The Ten rose with her. Within a generation she and they forged a new dark empire. Within two they were embattled with the Rebel, whose prophets agreed the White Rose would be reincarnated to lead them to a final victory." Shadows Linger ch. 12
  • "It had been a long, long time since he had been Seth Chalk. At least a hundred fifty years. He had no exact count. It was a year since he had escaped the thrall of a sorcery that had held him in stasis most of that time." The Silver Spike XXI
  • "Then there were more of them, maybe twenty-five, not sneaking like the others, who must have been scouts. He saw this bunch well enough to recall where he'd seen their kind before. On the great river that ran from the heart of the continent down past Taglios to the sea. He had fought them a year ago, two thousand miles north of here... He had counted one hundred twenty-eight swamp warriors, plus the sorcerer." Dreams of Steel ch. 16
  • "I marvelled that there were so many of us when, hardly more than two years ago, there were just seven of us pretending to be the Black Company." Bleak Seasons ch. 66
  • 7 years between Wheezer's joining and the end of SITD: "He had been dying when he latched on seven years ago." She Is the Darkness ch. 100

Quotations about the shadows' origins

There was no source of light but the forge where the torturer heated his instruments. That flickered, illuminating the creased, weathered bronze face of the frightened little man who had not become a soldier because he wanted to but because he believed he owed his gods a service when they demanded it. Like all his own people (and as their enemies did also), he hoped his own gods were strongest and would prevail.

Murgen records a flicker of a shadow's memory of its origins, She Is the Darkness, ch. 71

I caught one little flash of an instant in a place of torture, of pain beyond pain, while priests chanted.

Murgen on the Plain, She Is the Darkness ch. 201

Kina and the Captured aren't the only things sleeping up here. There’re also a lot of truths that would shake the foundations of our world. Truths I have no trouble imagining wholesale slaughters and holy wars arising to suppress. Truths I have no trouble seeing getting my family and the Company obliterated, they’re so threatening.

What followed Kina's downfall isn't documented at all, but more conquerors came and went and further efforts were made to dissuade them while keeping the plain open for commerce. The gates and Keys were created. One world gathered its sorcerers and had them steal the souls of millions of prisoners of war, creating the shadows and endowing them with a bitter hatred of everything living. They meant to close down the plain entirely. Which naturally led some other race to create the shields that protect the circles and roads. Nobody knows for sure how or when the standing stones began to appear but they're the most recent addition to the plain, probably put out by the precursors of the multiple-worlds' religious movement that produced the Free Companies. I understand that the stones aren’t quarried, they’re created things. They’re immune to the shadows and indifferent to the protective shields but they’re attuned to the various Keys carried away during the Free Companies' age.

Murgen, speaking to Sleepy, Water Sleeps ch. 76

The shadows remembered ages past. I was able to eavesdrop on their dreams.

On their nightmares. All they remembered were horrors from a time when men resembling Nyueng Bao tortured them to death in wholesale lots while sorcerers great and small spanked the demented souls until, when they were released eventually, they were so filled with hatred of every living thing that even a creature as slight as a roach was subject to instant attack, with great ferocity. Some shadows, already evilly predatory by nature, became so wicked they even attacked and devoured other shadows.

There had been millions so victimized. And the only virtue in their creators was that they manufactured the horrors from invaders who arrived in countless waves from a world where an insane sorcerer king had elevated himself to near godhood, then had set out to take full mastery of all the sixteen worlds.

Uncounted tens of thousands of corpses littered the glittering plain before the shadows stemmed that tide. Scores of the monsters escaped into neighboring worlds. They spread terror and havoc until the gates could be modified to prevent their passage. For centuries no traffic crossed the plain. Then came another age of halfhearted commerce, once some genius devised the protection now shielding the roads and circles

Sleepy narrating, Water Sleeps ch. 79

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