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Two Dead was the nickname of Shoré Chodroze, the favorite colonel of the new Taken Whisper. He was introduced in the Annals in the 9th chapter of Port of Shadows (released previously as the short story "Bone Candy"). He was considered to be "almost Taken caliber" as a sorcerer.

Port of Shadows[]

Two Dead arrived with his bodyguard Buzz in Aloe to meet up with the Black Company which was garrisoned there. Two Dead's mission was to see if the Black Company had discovered the Port of Shadows, an escape route for the Dominator, and destroy it if possible. But Whisper had given Buzz secret orders to assassinate Two Dead, and take control of the Port for her own use. The Company was unaware of all of this at first, and they respected Buzz while disliking Two Dead. In fact his nickname came from an insult uttered by the Lieutenant: he wasn't worth two dead flies.

Two Dead observed three chinkami, but was unaware that his own bodyguard had summoned these ugly creatures to kill him. He detects the danger, however, and retrieves Croaker and Silent from the Dark Horse, the Company's favorite watering hole. Two Dead assumes the beasts are the work of the Company, whereas the Company men think it is his doing. One of the beasts releases a cloud of supernatural beetles, and Two Dead is bitten and infected. He immediately exhibits extreme symptoms. Silent tells Croaker that one of the bugs laid eggs in Two Dead's hand, so the physician expertly fishes them out, but unintentionally misses some. Two Dead's condition worsens so Silent puts him into a magic healing coma.

Although the Company has captured and incinerated the other chinkami, Two Dead's condition further deteriorates. He is burning up and completely unresponsive, so Croaker orders him to be packed with snow. Croaker sees movement under his skin so he removes the tiny worms from the eggs he missed. Croaker applies a tourniquet to contain the apparent blood poisoning, but amputation could be necessary. Two Dead is awakened from his coma by the Third, an apprentice sorcerer, and he surprises Croaker by tolerating the pain in his arm. He gives permission for the amputation, and asks to be made unconscious. Before going under, he blusters that his bodyguard Buzz will avenge him if the Company kills him. Croaker removes the arm and carefully attends to his healing. The Captain will attempt to bring him over to the Company upon his recovery.

Two Dead later participates in further Imperial operations, including a raid at Honnoh to root out Resurrectionists, and the purging of the Ghost Country of many ancient buried sorcerers. All memory of him is lost when the Black Company suffers a mysterious erasure of their collective memories of their almost 4 years in Aloe and the surrounding regions.

Physical appearance[]

Descriptions from Croaker in Port of Shadows:

  • "Two Dead stepped into the big tap room. Long, Lean skeletal he needed more legs and eyes to complete himself. He opened his coat. Flies came out to circle him... Two Dead. Real name Shoré Chodroze. Wizard colonel from eastern army HQ with plenipotentiary powers... He was said to be an unpredictably nasty sociopath."
  • "He was 'Two Dead,' because when he rolled in with one oversized body guard, all bluster and self regard, the Lieutenant had declared, 'That man ain't worth two dead flies.' So Two Dead, in vial humor, arranged for flies to follow him around. Way more than two, and very much bitey alive."
  • "I met Two dead's gaze, always amazed he owned two good eyes. The left side of his face featured a lightning bolt of rose colored scar tissue, forehead to chin, but his eye had survived. I suspected a glancing upward thrust from an infantry pole arm."
  • "He was old, hardcore and stubborn."