Tucker. Our most dedicated agent. One of the few survivors of the long siege of Rust. His hatred knows no bounds.

Croaker mentions Tucker in his Annals, The White Rose

Sir Tucker was a knight from Rust mentioned during the opening events of The White Rose. He was a bitter enemy of the Lady and her Empire. Tucker was widely regarded as the most dedicated locally-embedded agent of Darling's New White Rose Rebellion. He survived a long Imperial siege of Rust which may have been the one conducted by Whisper, which took place shortly before the Battle of Charm.

The White RoseEdit

Sir Tucker was the most valuable informant in the network of Rebels organized by Corder, another Rebel located in Tanner. His insights about the Lady's generals, the new Taken, were presented personally by Corder to Darling and the Black Company in their headquarters called the Hole in the Plain of Fear:

Sir Tucker observed that the old Taken were wild devils as unpredictable as the lightning, and the new ones are the predictable tame thunder of bureaucracy. If you follow my meaning. It is believed that there are six new ones, Lord. Sir Tucker believes they are about to be unleashed. Thus the great buildup around the Plain. Sir Tucker believes the Lady has made a competition of our destruction.

Sir Tucker is not mentioned again in the Annals and his fate is unspecified. If Rust was one of the cities abandoned by the Lady, it was probably one of the places which "poured men" into Darling's forces for her march on Horse, with Sir Tucker's presence virtually guaranteed. Rust presumably became peaceful when Darling allied with the Lady to defeat the Dominator at the Battle of the Barrowland. At that battle, the New White Rose Rebellion collapsed, so Rust almost certainly submitted back to the Empire or was subdued by force afterward.

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