Trinket was a female sorcerer and a member of the Circle of Eighteen. As a member of the Circle, she was leader of a significant Rebel force warring against the Lady and her Imperial forces led by the Ten Who Were Taken. Trinket and her force fought a grueling campaign alongside Whisper, another female sorcerer in the Circle, around the Eastern city called Rust for three years. However, it was Whisper who was the superior general by all measures. Whisper was the best known and most feared of the Circle.

After Whisper was enslaved to become the first of the new Taken, Trinket was forced to do battle with her former ally. Since it was Whisper who originally held the Eastern front together against the best efforts of the Taken, Trinket and the other Rebel leaders and armies were rapidly defeated. News of Trinket's encirclement by Whisper somewhere near Rust was delivered to the Black Company at the Stair of Tear by the Hanged Man. Soon afterward, Trinket's army was crushed by Whisper. If Trinket somehow survived this catastrophe, it would not have been for long, as the Lady confirmed the entire Circle was dead before the Battle of Charm was even finished. Whisper would quickly go on to defeat other Circle members (most prominently Moth and Sidle) in nearby places.

Many years later, in Bleak Seasons, Trinket specifically came up in a discussion among Black Company members who were trying to ascertain the identity of Longshadow. Hagop informed Croaker and Murgen that Trinket was one of only two members of the Circle of Eighteen whose deaths were not personally witnessed by any surviving Imperials. However as Hagop revealed that Trinket was a woman, she was ruled out as being a candidate for the identity of Longshadow, who was known to be male.

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