Tran Lan-Anh is a warlord of Hsien, and a member of the File of Nine, during Soldiers Live. Like all members of the File, he wears a mask during their anonymous meetings. Despite the common surname "Tran", he has no familial relation to the other members of the File.

He and the other members of the File steadfastly refused to allow Sleepy and the Black Company access to the shadowgate secrets stored at Khang Phi. Using Tobo's Unknown Shadows, Sleepy uncovered all the names of the File of Nine. During a tense meeting with the File, she broke their anonymity by speaking most of their names aloud. This was a distraction, however, as her agents simultaneously stole the books containing the secrets the Company needed. After the Black Company steals the information, the File hurriedly creates an army and threatens the Company with it, but back down after several nights of non-lethal torment by the Unknown Shadows.

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