Tracker was a fierce and mysterious fighter encountered in The White Rose. He and his strange hound had horrible origins, but he would become a valuable ally of the Black Company during one of its darkest hours.

The White RoseEdit

As he was first seen, Tracker appeared to be a tall and very muscular man of about 30 years of age. Accompanied by a loyal hound called Toadkiller Dog, he entered the Plain of Fear as a courier and delivered a package to Croaker. He rode the windwhale for the Black Company's military operation to sack the Limper's military compound just outside the city of Rust. The group is besieged there and Tracker demonstrates his superhuman archery skills, calmly shooting down many Imperials despite the impossible distance between them. He and the dog are in the rearguard during the withdrawal operation, however only Tracker boards the windwhale for the flight home. He became deeply depressed when separated from the hound.

The duo is reunited once again in the Plain of Fear. They are included in the group for the mission in the Barrowland. As their activities there appear suspicious, they are thrown in a prison cell by the Eternal Guard. Tracker is separated from his dog and becomes violent. He badly injures several of the Guards with his bare hands. The group breaks out of prison and spends weeks in hiding in the forest. Tracker and the dog attack and wound one of the new Taken by themselves. Croaker is eventually captured, but the rest of the group returns to the Company's headquarters, the Hole, out on the Plain.

Later in the Plain of Fear, Tracker and Toadkiller Dog are both revealed to be the Dominator's demons, who escaped from the Barrowland because of Raven's foolishness. Toadkiller Dog attempts to maul the Lady, his master's nemesis, but is driven away by Father Tree. The Tree strips away Tracker's loyalty to the Dominator and replaces it with loyalty to the Tree. He dutifully carries the Tree's son, the Sapling, and plants the young tree atop the Great Barrow in the Barrowland. During the Battle of the Barrowland, Tracker fights in hand-to-hand combat against the Dominator. Despite sustaining vicious wounds, he kept his former master within Darling's null, where the Dominator could not utilize any of his unbeatable sorcery. Just before the Dominator was hacked to pieces, he mauled Tracker to death. Croaker wrote in his Annals that he believed Tracker died happy, having helped eliminate the Tree's enemy.

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