Timmy Locan was one of the four thieves who stole the silver spike from the Sapling during The Silver Spike.

The Silver SpikeEdit

Timmy came from the North Side of Oar and was previously employed in the city's army garrison. He was an acquaintance of Smeds Stahl, who with his co-conspirator Tully Stahl, recruited him and Old Man Fish in their plot to steal the spike. The Stahls had every intention of murdering Timmy and Fish after the theft, but later developments would cause Smeds to reject this part of their plan.

Timmy's father and two brothers would be killed trying to put out fires in Oar which were started by the Limper, Toadkiller Dog, and the ragtag army that followed them. His mother and sister were apparently raped by the Limper's thugs, and his sister committed suicide afterward.

Timmy was the one to physically remove the silver spike from the Sapling. As he handled it with his bare right hand, it became burnt and corrupted. He eventually had to have it amputated by a minor wizard residing in Oar. This became his death sentence after a rumor spread through Oar that the spike thief would have been injured during its removal. He was murdered by rival spike hunters by brutally torturing him, after they suspected him of having information about the silver spike.

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