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Thai Dei was a Nyueng Bao man, the brother of Ky Sahra, and the bodyguard of the Black Company mainstay Murgen. Although he was not a sworn member of the Company, he was a loyal ally for many years, and participated in many of the events recounted in the Books of Glittering Stone.

A man of few words, he was widely recognized for his excellent swordsmanship and his loyalty to the Path of the Sword. Only the master Uncle Doj exceeded him in prowess among its followers.

Bleak Seasons[]

Murgen, in Bleak Seasons, described Thai Dei as follows:

He does not look like much. He is a foot shorter than I am. I outweigh him by eighty pounds. And I am far prettier. He has crudely cropped black hair that sticks out in unkempt spikes. Skinny, lantern-jawed, taciturn and surly [...]

Thai Dei saved Murgen's life during the Company's ambush of the Stranglers at the Grove of Doom. During this ambush, he accompanied Murgen, One-Eye, Goblin, Wishbone, and some others in the hopes of capturing their big prize, Narayan Singh. Narayan was the chief Strangler jamadar who had kidnapped the newborn daughter of the Company's two highest ranking officers. Although Narayan escaped with the girl, the group wiped out a number of dangerous Stranglers with the help of Goblin's sleep spell. When 6 shadowweavers hidden nearby sent a killing shadow at Murgen, Thai Dei slammed him out of the way at the last moment. The shadow was killed by the Company's swift, fiery counterattacks, and the shadowweavers promptly surrendered. Thai Dei helped execute those which were not taken prisoner. He did not slash throats, but rather stabbed into the brain through the eye, to avoid the blood.

Thai Dei's 5-year-old toddler To Tan was murdered by veteran, rumel-wielding Stranglers who penetrated the Palace of Taglios to assassinate Croaker. Despite the death of the young boy, Uncle Doj and Thai Dei's mother, Ky Gota used the event to fake the death of his sister Sahra. Their goal was to separate her from her foreign husband because of the racial shame the union brought to them personally. Thai Dei protested but not strongly enough.

She Is the Darkness[]

After the Siege of Overlook, Thai Dei was among the group of 50 people who crossed the shadowgate and entered the glittering plain. After they accessed the fortress with no name, he would become a member of the Captured, frozen in stasis for 15 years in the cave of the ancients by Soulcatcher.

Water Sleeps[]

Thai Dei, like most of the rest of the Captured, was immobile and unconscious throughout Water Sleeps and the preceding 15 years. His sister Ky Sahra strenuously supported Sleepy's relentless efforts to free the Captured. They finally reached the Captured after an arduous quest at the end of Water Sleeps. Thai Dei was one of the 5 Captured to be rescued during the first wave of liberations, alongside Croaker, Lady, Murgen, and the Prahbrindrah Drah.

Soldiers Live[]

Both Thai Dei and Uncle Doj were killed by the Khadidas during the Battle of the Middle Ground in Soldiers Live.