Tea Nung was a cavalry officer of the Black Company during Soldiers Live.

Soldiers LiveEdit

Although his origin is unspecified, Nung was most likely from the world of Hsien. He was present when the Company, with the help of their allies the Unknown Shadows, captured and occupied Gharhawnes. This was a village in the southern Taglian territories where Protectorate loyalists had holed up.

Tea Nung and his troop had picket duty outside the manor at Gharhawnes when Sleepy, the Captain, had the wizard Tobo liberate the Howler from his magic stasis. While the reawakening was occurring inside, Nung and his troop intercepted Aridatha Singh, one of the highest-ranking members of the Protectorate, who had arrived to conduct a secret meeting with Sleepy. Nung and Riverwalker quietly notified Sleepy, in the middle of the Howler's reawakening ceremony, that Aridatha had arrived. Nung is not mentioned again.

If Tea Nung survived the subsequent fighting, especially the Battle at the Shadowlander cemetery and the Siege of Taglios, he presumably joined up with Suvrin during the Company's march back to Hsien at the end of the Annals.

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