Plain of Fear

Tanner, shown here south of the Plain of Fear, although the Annals suggest it is near Rust in the east

Tanner was a city (or noteworthy town) located near the Plain of Fear which was mentioned in the opening events of The White Rose. Although its geography is not specified, details strongly suggest it is to the east of the Plain, and probably not far from the massive city of Rust.

The White RoseEdit

Tanner was part of the Lady's Empire and featured an Imperial garrison. But it also had a significant underground Rebel cell which was a major supporter of Darling's New White Rose Rebellion. Tanner's Rebel cell must have pledged its allegiance to Darling's movement sometime after her arrival in the Hole out on the Plain of Fear (which took place two years before the beginning of The White Rose).

Tanner was the home of Corder, the Rebel cell's dedicated captain. Corder had the distinction of being one of the few Rebels who joined the New White Rose Rebellion after surviving the destruction of the Rebel's original leadership – the Circle of Eighteen – and their first armies at the Battle of Charm (The Black Company).

At least one month before the beginning of The White Rose, the Black Company sent a patrol including the elderly wizards One-Eye and Goblin to Tanner. This patrol had a double mission: first, they were to contact the Rebel sympathizers in Tanner to find out if the Lady's forces people were coming alive after a long hiatus. Second, they would raid the Imperial garrison there to make a public statement that the Rebel could hurt an empire that bestrode half a world. The patrol made contact with Corder and left Tanner with him, heading back to their headquarters called the Hole. But they were attacked by alert Imperials who hounded them for a whole month. Although there were no Company fatalities during this flight from Tanner, One-Eye did receive a flesh wound from an arrow. Inside the Hole, Corder shared critical new intelligence that had been supplied to him by Sir Tucker from Rust.

Later, Corder would state that Tanner was "ripe for a raid like that on Rust" in an attempt to get Darling to sponsor overthrowing the Imperial presence there. It was not specified if this raid took place, and Tanner is not mentioned again in the Annals.

Afterward, Tanner may have been one of the cities abandoned by the Lady. If so, it was probably one of the places which "poured men" into Darling's forces for her march on Horse. Tanner presumably became peaceful when Darling allied with the Lady to defeat the Dominator at the Battle of the Barrowland. At that battle, the New White Rose Rebellion collapsed, so Tanner almost certainly submitted back to the Empire or was subdued by force afterward.

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