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Sylith Senjak by Виталий Стрелец

Sylith Senjak – also spelled Silath and Sileth – was one of the four beautiful daughters of Baron Senjak and one of the murky figures associated with the beginning of the Domination era (about 5 centuries before The Black Company). She and her sisters Ardath, Credence, and Dorotea were said to "vie with one another in their loveliness". She was discussed centuries after her lifetime in The White Rose, and appeared under a different name in a dubious contemporary narrative in Port of Shadows.

Pre-Domination details[]

Sylith's father, Baron Senjak, and possibly his four daughters originated from a "far western kingdom" somewhere on the northern continent. All of the daughters were conceived and born to a mother who was in an incurable supernatural slumber or coma for reasons lost to history. Sylith was presumably on track to become a sorceress of noteworthy magnitude, and certainly shared the same supernatural attraction aura possessed by the other women of her bloodline to one degree or another.

At some point shortly before the Domination, Baron Senjak and his daughters were present in the TelleKurre-speaking region that would soon become the heart of the new empire. Sylith and her sisters Ardath and Credence reportedly accompanied their father to a gigantic aristocratic party. There, everyone's names and titles were announced by heralds and scribbled by a record-keeper in TelleKurre. This obscure and forgotten document would prove profoundly fateful for Dorotea centuries later.

Little else is known for certain about Sylith, but a handful of disparate details suggests that she died before the Domination began. The ancient demon called Tracker – who was present during her lifetime – asserted that she was the only one of the 4 sisters who did not marry. He also stated that some years before the deaths of her sister Ardath and her husband Erin NoFather, "Sylith drowned in a flood of the River Dream" and was "swept away before countless witnesses. But no body was found." As these recollections were shared about 522 years later – during the events of The White Rose – Tracker admitted his knowledge of this time period was no longer perfectly trustworthy.

Adoption of the name Sylith by Soulcatcher[]

Another detail that is certain about Sylith is that hers was not the true name of Soulcatcher. This was established during the Battle of the Barrowland, when the Dominator made an incorrect guess and attempted to close the Rite of Naming against the Lady using the name "Sylith". Since he already knew Soulcatcher's true name, he would never have used that name for the purpose of defending himself from her sister.

Soulcatcher and the Lady both knew one another's true names, but because they were somehow "protected from one another only by the most tangled web that could be woven", they never used true names against one another. Instead, they referred to one another by the "cover" names that had actually belonged to their deceased sisters. In Water Sleeps, Soulcatcher believed she was being taunted by a mysterious dismebodied voice which may have called her "Silath" mockingly. At least 4 years later in Soldiers Live, Croaker and Lady discussed Soulcatcher using the name "Sileth", and Soulcatcher referred to Lady as "that bitch Ardath".

Port of Shadows[]

Sylith appears in the unreliable Domination-era chapters in Port of Shadows, a narrative which raises more questions about her than answers.

In the narrative, Sylith and Ardath remain alive after the Dominator's cruel murder of the sister who was later "resurrected" to become "Laissa" by the necromancer Papa. But the names of the sisters are clearly scrambled in this narrative, so if the origins of Laissa are otherwise accurate and there were indeed only 4 sisters total, Laissa must have been Sylith or Ardath given that Lady was revealed to be Dorotea, and Credence must be Soulcatcher's name by process of elimination. And since the name Ardath is associated with the sister who was murdered by Dorotea, this suggests Laissa was perhaps more likely to have been Sylith. Sylith's body being dumped into the canal where Papa originally found her in Port of Shadows may have been the correct chain of events which was later misremembered by Tracker in The White Rose as her being "drowned in a flood of the River Dream".