Suyen Dinh Duc was a member of the Nyueng Bao De Duang race and a student of Uncle Doj's Path of the Sword. He was mentioned (posthumously) by name only in Sleepy's Annals for Water Sleeps. He was the bodyguard of Black Company soldier Big Bucket, and was second cousin to the father of Ky Sahra and Thai Dei.

Bleak SeasonsEdit

Although Suyen Dinh Duc is not explicitly mentioned in Bleak Seasons, several facts are known about his activities during the time. Duc survived the harrowing Siege of Dejagore, during which the Nyueng Bao pilgrimage (approximately 1,800) was reduced to one-third of their original population after a mass murder perpetrated by Taglian soldiers loyal to Mogaba. Because Murgen and the Old Crew were instrumental in saving the surviving 600 of the Nyueng Bao population, Duc and other Path of the Sword students insisted on becoming bodyguards for the Old Crew out of a profound sense of loyalty and gratitude. Bucket openly refused to accept Duc as his bodyguard, but Duc persisted.

She Is the DarknessEdit

Suyen Dinh Duc remained with Big Bucket throughout the remainder of the Shadowmaster wars.

After the Siege of Overlook, he accompanied Big Bucket when Croaker went through the Shadowgate and traversed the glittering plain. This occurred at the end of She Is the Darkness. Among the other Nyueng Bao present were Thai Dei and Pham Quang. After they reached the fortress with no name, the Nyueng Bao squabbled among themselves if they should follow the Company into the frightening structure. They all followed when Thai Dei went inside. When Soulcatcher sprung her trap, Duc and Big Bucket escaped becoming one of the Captured, but at the cost of their own lives. Duc was killed protecting Bucket from a sorcery booby-trap that had been laid by Soulcatcher to cover her escape. Bucket took the time to pose Duc's body in the position called "In Respect of Patient Repose", a Nyueng Bao tradition when a proper funeral has to be delayed. Bucket then continued his desperate sprint toward the Shadowgate, but, like Sindawe and several others, was killed by ravenous shadows as soon as night fell.

Water SleepsEdit

Fifteen years later, during Water Sleeps, Sleepy and her party discovered the remains of both Suyen Dinh Duc and Big Bucket on the plain, and was deeply moved. She realized that, despite Bucket's rejection of his bodyguard's protection, "they became friends when nobody was looking" on account of the position of Duc's body. The Nyueng Bao who accompanied Sleepy were impressed that Bucket had correctly placed Duc's body in the respectful position.

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