Straits of Angine

Map of the lands around the Straits of Angine

The Straits of Angine are the narrowest points of the Sea of Torments and the closest points between the northern and southern continents. The narrowest part of the Straits is referred to by seafarers as "Hell's Gate" and overland travelers as "Heaven's Bridge". In that place, fresh water from the Kiril Lakes drains into the Sea of Torments. This location was visited by the Limper and Toadkiller Dog in The Silver Spike.

The Silver SpikeEdit

As the Limper moved north in his new clay body to claim the silver spike, he was relentlessly harassed by the Lady's Imperial successors. With The Dark Wings blocking his attempts to cross over the Sea of Torments, he was forced to attempt a crossing at the Straits of Angine. There, from a prominence on the southern continent overlooking the Straits, Toadkiller Dog watched from hiding as the Limper narrowly avoided the Imperials' clever mechanical traps. The Limper crossed at Hell's Gate/Heaven's Bridge, but Toadkiller Dog hazarded a more difficult crossing later that night.

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