It was that part of the pass which gave the Stair its name, a twelve hundred foot rise overlooking a maze of canyons. The old road wound back and forth across the mountainside in countless switchbacks, so that from a distance it looked like a giant's lopsided stairway.


The Stair of Tear is a mountain range of sandstone bluffs, pillars, and mesas within the Windy Country that leads directly to the Tower at Charm. It is named after its single steep pass.

The Black Company[edit | edit source]

The Stair was the location of a major battle fought between forces of the Lady's Empire and the Rebel. Several powerful members of the Circle of Eighteen were killed in battle here (Harden, Moth, and Linger) and this was also the place where the first of the Ten Who Were Taken was killed: the Hanged Man.

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