Plain of Fear

Spit, shown to the west of the Plain of Fear.

Spit is a village located west of the Plain of Fear in the northern continent. It is part of the Lady's Empire and appeared in The White Rose.

The White RoseEdit

Whisper and Journey, two of the new Taken, were given control of the imperial forces west of the Plain. They operated out of Spit and raised their stellae within this village. This was part of the Lady's encirclement of the Plain of Fear to entrap her enemies Darling and the Black Company – the nucleus of the New White Rose Rebellion – who had been directing Rebel activity from a cavern called the Hole there for two years.

Whisper's headquarters at Spit was attacked by four windwhales and a score of mantas sent by Darling. The mantas blasted Whisper's building apart with their lightning bolts, and the windwhales used their tentacles to devour men and animals alike. Whisper survived, and killed one manta, but was too preoccupied on her own safety to help the Imperials under her command. The bold attack on Spit was witnessed by Croaker the Annalist, who was riding aboard a fifth windwhale alongside One-Eye, Goblin, Tracker, and Toadkiller Dog, headed toward Roses.

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