Sparkle was a member of the Black Company from Opal. He was accepted into the ranks along with Big Bucket, Red Rudy, and Candles in Shadow Games. He was given his nickname by One-Eye and Goblin on account of his front teeth, which were done up in gold inlays. He journeyed with the tiny group across the Sea of Torments aboard the gigantic imperial flagship known as The Dark Wings, making the trek south.

Sparkle participated in the Battle of Dejagore and survived the subsequent horrible Siege of Dejagore. Some of his interactions with Murgen during the siege were recorded in the flashbacks in Bleak Seasons. When the Company splintered into two factions, Sparkle was a member of the Old Crew which fought against Mogaba and his rival Nar faction. Afterward, like the rest of the Old Crew, Sparkle was continually shadowed by a loyal Nyueng Bao De Duang bodyguard.

Sparkle later followed Croaker through the shadowgate onto the glittering plain. There, he became one of the Captured, a group of about 35 people trapped by Soulcatcher in the cave of the ancients beneath the fortress with no name, at the end of She Is the Darkness.

Fifteen years later at the end of Water Sleeps, Sleepy led a rescue mission, where they found Sparkle still alive in stasis. Sleepy mentions that Sparkle was positioned next to another living man whom she misidentified as Longinus ("Longo"), but this was actually one of Longo's brothers Cletus or Loftus. Though Sparkle was not rescued during the first wave of awakenings, he was liberated in one of Sleepy's later expeditions. He is not mentioned again in the Annals.

Less than five years later, toward the end of Soldiers Live, Croaker makes a blanket statement that only he (Croaker) and Lady remained alive of the Captured. If this is accurate, it meant that Sparkle died – potentially of natural causes like Otto and Hagop, but also possibly during large battles such as the Battle at the Shadowlander cemetery or the Siege of Taglios.

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