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The voice Catcher used was that of a man whose throat had been smashed and could speak in only a hoarse whisper. Except this whisper was heavy with malice, a voice in keeping with the old, dread repute of the Ten Who Were Taken. It contained the compassion of a serpent, the sympathy of a spider.

She Is the Darkness, chapter 81

This is a list of the many unrelated voices used by the notoriously insane and incredibly powerful sorceress Soulcatcher. They are organized by novel and then by appearance; each item is copied directly from the Annals (unless an ellipsis indicates irrelevant text was omitted).


Soulcatcher's voices seemed unrelated to one another, and, when she was agitated, they argued with one another and sometimes overlapped. Inexplicably, they could be either male or female, and they ranged from all age groups – young children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Each voice encapsulated Soulcatcher's attitudes and emotional states from moment to moment, and changed often after each sentence spoken.

Both Croaker and Mogaba took notice of a particular voice which closely resembled the voice of Soulcatcher's sister, Lady. Described as "neutral" and "self-confident", this female voice was believed by both men to be Catcher's true voice.

The Black Company[]

  • fifteen year old madonna of the tavern night
  • the woman of your dreams, purring
  • musical, lilting, the voice of a young woman putting something over on wiser heads
  • a woman I would not mind meeting
  • female and catty
  • one of the female voices. A seductive one
  • A hard female voice … businesslike
  • fey, merry voice
  • soft feminine voice … lilted with amusement
  • deep and chill. It was the voice of an assassin, a voice accustomed to pronouncing death sentences
  • Cold, cold voice
  • A whole chorus of voices got into the act. It got really spooky when two of them talked at once.
  • Soft female voice
  • chuckled, a deep, bass rumble
  • deep, sonorous, slow, a speech-maker's voice
  • a child's voice
  • That voice was one one of the dead soldiers had used while hacking away at Harden

Dreams of Steel[]

  • A bitter, remote, whispering voice
  • A gentle voice
  • masculine, mocking
  • new voice, female but as hard as a diamond arrowpoint, snarled
  • She laughed, voice filled with childlike delight … Again the childlike laughter
  • More laughter. This from a woman adult and knowing.
  • The voice she chose rasped with irritation. When she continued, though, it had become that of a cajoling child.
  • Her voice was a merry little girl's
  • Change of voice, businesslike, masculine,
  • She giggled the giggle of a girl with nothing between the ears.
  • This one he thought was her own, much like her sister's, always neutral.
  • a happy kid contemplating a prank

She Is the Darkness[]

  • the booming, basso voice of a crier in an amphitheater
  • giggled like a teenaged girl
  • the voice of a little old man who keeps account books
  • the velvet tenor of a tombstone salesman
  • The voice she used was a dead ringer for that of somebody I used to know who had been a devout believer in not sparing the rod.
  • identical to Goblin's
  • New voice. Baffled, frightened, childlike.
  • a cranky old man's voice
  • The voice Catcher used was that of a man whose throat had been smashed and could speak in only a hoarse whisper. Except this whisper was heavy with malice, a voice in keeping with the old, dread repute of the Ten Who Were Taken. It contained the compassion of a serpent, the sympathy of a spider.
  • giggled like a girl sharing whispers about boys
  • the voice of despair. It rasped, too, but it was the last speech of an old man dying of cancer.
  • an accountant reporting the week's profits
  • powerfully vicious

Water Sleeps[]

  • a quarrelsome old man
  • a petty, vindictive old woman
  • a plucky teenage girl
  • a powerful male voice, by someone accustomed to unquestioning obedience
  • a sybil's, rife with portent
  • the mid-range monotone of an educated skeptic
  • a very businesslike voice
  • voice changed, became cruel
  • arguing with herself in a dozen querulous voices
  • compelling, chilling, terrible
  • a convincing squeal of surprise and fright, like a young woman who has just stepped on a snake
  • arguing with herself in a variety of voices
  • a committee of voices
  • A merry young voice
  • a committee of argumentative voices
  • None of her voices were amused now.
  • a spoiled child
  • a voice academically cool
  • the antithesis of academic. It was that of a man who knew, from painful experience, that education just taught people sneakier ways to rob you
  • spoiled-brat querulous
  • The voice she used was informed with a potent lunacy
  • debating herself in half a dozen voices
  • trying to figure out where the voices were coming from. When Soulcatcher became excited, those seemed to come from everywhere at once.
  • Her voice had become pedantic. Now it became angry.
  • She talked to herself continuously in a committee of voices while she was awake and gibbered in tongues during her brief bouts of sleep.
  • a naive fourteen-year-old responding to the charge that her twenty-five-year-old lover was interested in only one thing
  • a self-important little mouse of a functionary
  • a self-confident woman being conversational, the voice Mogaba suspected was Soulcatcher's own. It resembled closely the voice of her sister, Lady.

Soldiers Live[]

  • petulant, that of a spoiled child
  • cool, calm, rational. Masculine.
  • a cackling crone's voice
  • This was the voice the Protector used when she was focused entirely on business. It was a male voice.
  • This voice was cold but was filled with her evil smile.
  • a small child who was severely annoyed, but not frightened
  • As always when she was under stress Soulcatcher was a babble of conflicting voices.
  • a firm male voice
  • Petulant, spoiled child voice
  • Most of those voices were businesslike but jaded.
  • a deep masculine voice heavy with menace
  • Soulcatcher found a voice she had not used since she was young. With it she began to sing a song of springtime and young love, in a language recalled from the springtime of life, when love still lived in the world.
  • annoyingly pedantic
  • a merry young voice
  • old and emotionless
  • a calm, almost beatific voice
  • [within a crow] a different, sorrowful, almost little girl voice