For another character with the same name, see Smiley (II)

Smiley was a new recruit of the Black Company in Shadow Games.

Shadow GamesEdit

Smiley was a nephew of Hagop, and lived in the city of Rebosa in the southern continent. When the Black Company (greatly-reduced after the Battle of the Barrowland) passed through Rebosa on their southward journey toward fabled Khatovar, Smiley enlisted. He would become known ironically as "Smiley" for "his consistent sullenness and sarcastic turn of phrase". The group then continued south, to Padora and beyond.

Twice Croaker would record his regret for admitting Smiley into the group, as he repeatedly proved to be "useless". After that, he is not mentioned again. As such Smiley's fate after his enlistment was not recorded in the Annals.

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