The Shindai Kus desert

Shindai Kus is a vast desert in the far southwest of the southern continent. The western arm of the Dandha Presh mountain range recedes into this desert. The Shindai Kus is bordered on the west by the ocean; the harsh ocean winds scour the land until stopped by the mountains. These winds do not bring moisture, however, and the result is the barren, sandy desert, almost completely devoid of life.

In She Is the Darkness, Goblin led a small military expedition called Shaded Road across the Shindai Kus. They encountered little but blasting heat and endless sand, except for a giant desert horror. After they passed through the desert, they hid in the Dandha Presh and sewed chaos among Mogaba's retreating armies of Shadowlanders after the Battle of Charandaprash. This was all observed by the Annalist Murgen, from a great distance away, using his spirit-walking ability.

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