Sham was a ruined city of the southern continent, located north of Gea-Xle, which was mentioned in Shadow Games. Occupied by a "lost race of whites", it was visited by the Black Company during the band's historical northward march after they departed Gea-Xle in a vain search for a fabled treasure mountain. Within three days of the Company's arrival at Sham, the place was besieged by a horde of K'Hlata warriors (ancestors of Geek and Freak) who were in a "religious frenzy". Sham was sacked; its residents suffered immensely and may have been wiped out. The Company lost most of its officers before wiping out the attackers. The band's survivors then fled north to avoid a second horde that was approaching from the south. After Sham, the Company's officer's batons were all lost and were not mentioned again in the Annals until the band returned to Gea-Xle generations later under Croaker's captaincy.

One-Eye and Tom-Tom joined the Company shortly after the flight from Sham.

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