For the language of the same name, see: Shadowlander

Shadowlanders were the inhabitants of the various conquered cities comprising the Shadowlands, which were ruled by the Shadowmasters. They were described as being similar to Taglians, but were darker skinned. Their main language was Shadowlander, but many dialects existed, particularly in the South which were collectively known as Sangel. Women and children were seen less frequently, and the typical Shadowlander men were aged and wrinkled. This was likely a result of the Shadowmaster's tyrannical reign over the lands, who saw them as nothing more than disposable assets.

During the Shadowmaster wars large numbers of them fought and died, fearing both their ruler's retribution as well as their enemy, the Black Company. During the Protectorate, the region was neglected by Soulcatcher, but in the long run allowed the inhabitants to rebuild, now no longer under the oppression of the Shadowmasters. A number of Shaowlanders later joined the Black Company during the Books of Glittering Stone, most notably Suvrin, who would eventually become Captain.

Shadowlanders were superstitious and Suvrin during Soldiers Live occasionally makes reference to Rakshasa, a form of shape-shifting demon of which supposedly inhabited the Shadowlands. Croaker and Sleepy however dismiss his fears stating that if they actually existed the Shadowmasters would have bound them to their will and used them in the prior war.

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