For the race of the same name, see: Shadowlanders

Shadowlander was a language originating from the region that would collectively come to be called the Shadowlands. It was the primary language of the Shadowlanders, though despite its name, it must have existed prior to the appearance of the Shadowmasters. It is possible it developed from or was influenced by the Taglian language, and was probably related to the many dialects which existed further south collectively known as Sangel.

The Shadowlander word for the shadows was "skildirsha". Sleepy used this word to refer to the entities when speaking to Surendranath Santaraksita in Water Sleeps. Although they were in Taglios, far north of the Shadowlands, the term had become part of the language of the city and its environs under the Protectorate of Soulcatcher.

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