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Shadid was a sworn brother of the Black Company and a roi nomad who appeared in Shadow Games. He measured up to the roi's reputation as an excellent horseman.

Shadow Games[]

Shadid was originally a caravan guard whose territory was somewhere in the "long leagues" south of Ha-jah and north of the Temple of Travellers' Repose. Along with Patience and two other roi, Shadid deserted his people and joined the Free Company. Of the four roi who enlisted, Shadid was the most prominent in the Annals by far.

Shadid was in the Company's flotillas on the great river and would have helped with the portages on all three cataracts. He would have fought in the successful battle against the Howler's river pirates in the 300-mile-long, needleteeth-infested swamps south of Gea-Xle.

When they reached Taglios, Croaker was appointed Liberator and the Company joined the service of the Prahbrindrah Drah. Shadid and the other roi were ordered to use their expertise as riders to assist Otto and Hagop in forming the new Taglian cavalry. He was given one of the magnificent black stallions as his mount.

Scout group ambushed[]

Shadid was part of the recon group led by Croaker and several others which rode out to scout the Main for the first time. They were ambushed by a mob of Shadowlanders directed by six shadowweavers. The group was split up in the chaos, but they survived and killed many of their attackers on account of their superior training. Shadid rode with Otto and Hagop, who were wounded in the skirmish. He was mentioned by name for the first time in the Annals when he reunited with Croaker after this event. Shadid next helped track down some other separated members of the scout group. At one point he was terrified by a monster that charged near them: this turned out to be Shapeshifter in the form of a massive wolf, carrying Lisa Daele Bowalk. They soon found Sindawe and Lady. Croaker later ordered Shadid to accompany Willow Swan to scout Numa, one of the fords of the Main. He is not mentioned again after this.

Subsequent events[]

Croaker admired the roi's contribution to the cavalry. And although he was not named, Shadid certainly participated in the Company's early battles of the Shadowmaster wars: primarily, the Battle of Ghoja Ford and the Battle of Dejagore.

Shadid's fate is unspecified since neither he nor the roi as a group were mentioned again in the Annals after Shadow Games. This could suggest he did not survive the defeat at the Battle of Dejagore, or perhaps the subsequent bloody Siege of Dejagore. Alternatively, he may have survived the rest of the Shadowmaster wars, and even participated in the subsequent Kiaulune wars or become one of the unnamed Captured.