The Shaded were a family of wizards that lived in the country of Sweeps in the southern continent, some hundred miles west of the Temple of Travellers' Repose. They embroiled in a bitter and bloody feud with a rival family of wizards called the Nacred. This had played out for at least three generations by the time of Toadkiller Dog's arrival during the events in The Silver Spike.

The Silver Spike Edit

After the Wicker Man was defeated at the Temple of Traveller's Repose by Darling's allies from the Plain of Fear, Toadkiller Dog traveled westward to seek help in creating a new body for the wizard.[1] After reaching Sweeps and finding the warring families, he assessed the two factions and decided the rival Nacred were best suited for his plan. He struck a bargain with them and brutally massacred the Shaded, wiping them out to the last man, woman and child.

References Edit

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