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Anything concerning the Senjak family, whatever the source, must, in the vernacular, be considered utter bullshit.

–Unidentified Aloen historian

The Senjak family was a family known for producing sorcerers who possessed exceptional magical magnitude and would go on to play significant roles in the history of both the northern and southern continents. The Senjaks rose to prominence when they tied their fortunes to the Dominator and helped rule his Domination, but it is implied that they likely held positions of great power even before this era. The Senjaks' lives have proven a highly controversial subject, and historical accounts are known to bear biases and even outright fabrications when describing them.


Baron Senjak[]

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A nobleman from a "far western kingdom" in the northern continent. He was not TelleKurre, but his wife was.

Wife of Baron Senjak[]

The wife of Baron Senjak was a woman of TelleKurre descent. The Lady repeatedly claimed that her mother was in a comatose state when she was wedded to the Baron, and was neither healed nor awakened during their marriage. She was impregnated and gave birth to the four Senjak sisters in this state.

Disputed historical narratives in Port of Shadows specify that the Baron's wife was named Banat, but that she was never in a coma. Banat had no magical ability of her own, but was ambitious and remarkably shrewd to the point that even her powerful daughters were somewhat intimidated by her.


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Dorotea Senjak was the sorceress known as the Lady and the wife of the Dominator.


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Credence Senjak was the sorceress known as Soulcatcher and was one of the Ten Who Were Taken suborned by the Dominator.


Ardath Senjak was allegedly murdered by Dorotea so that the latter could usurp her identity and keep her true name concealed from the Dominator. Alternatively, she may have become Laissa.

Four Senjak sisters by Виталий Стрелец

Senjak sisters by Виталий Стрелец


Sylith Senjak is believed to have died when she was swept away by a river. This incident reportedly occurred in the presence of numerous witnesses. Alternatively, she may have become Laissa.

Daughter of Night[]

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The daughter of Dorotea Senjak and Croaker of the Black Company. Also called Booboo by her parents.

Disputed members[]

Disputed historical narratives of Port of Shadows asserted that other individuals belonged to the Senjak clan:

  • The Howler - Said to have been the great uncle of the four Senjak sisters.
  • Stormbringer - Said to have been the second cousin of the four Senjak sisters.
  • Laissa - Allegedly the youngest of the four Senjak sisters, Laissa was accidentally killed and later restored to life by a necromancer, losing her previous identity as either Ardath or Sylith Senjak in the process. Before becoming Laissa, she was allegedly the youngest of the Senjak sisters and the favorite of the Dominator.
  • Precious Pearl - The son of Laissa and the necromancer.
  • Fifth Senjak sibling - Said to have been the third child of the Baron and his wife, an unnamed male who died not long after his birth.
  • Other members of the Ten Who Were Taken - In addition to the Howler and Stormbringer, it is claimed that many other members of the Taken were also direct relations of the Senjaks.
  • Tides Elba and her many copies