Sedvod was a young man from the ruling family of the Voroshk world who appeared in Soldiers Live.

Soldiers LiveEdit

Sedvod was the eldest of a group of four teenagers who voluntarily abandoned their world to become guests of the Black Company. The others were Gromovol, Magadan, and Arkana. They chose to flee after their world's shadowgate was unintentionally blasted open by their patriarchs, and would soon be overrun by killer shadows. The Company leadership accepted them but demanded that they hand over their priceless shefsepoken (magic robes) and rheitgeistiden (flying posts). They all expected to be treated like royalty, and were shocked when Croaker educated them about their new status at the bottom rung. The four kept a distance from Shukrat, another Voroshk teenager who proactively integrated with the Black Company. Croaker, in his Annals, judged Sedvod harshly as he was the most truculent of the Voroshk.

Sedvod fell mysteriously ill, and never awakened from a comatose state. Despite the genuine efforts of both Magadan and the Company to heal him, he eventually died. The fact that he was buried without traditional Voroshk funeral rites was one of many things which contributed to the melancholy of the Voroshk teens who survived him. Later events would reveal that Sedvod had been cursed by the Khadidas, a demon of Kina that was secretly in possession of the body of the old wizard Goblin. The Khadidas would later inflict the same incurable curse upon Soulcatcher.

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