This one was a little more gray and mica-flecked than most. It had a scar down its face side six inches wide and seven feet long where something had scraped through lichen and weathered surface stone.

Case describes Scar

Scar is a particular menhir who represents the talking stones whenever "there was official speaking to be done" in The Silver Spike. Like all menhirs, Scar's loyalty to his creator, Father Tree, was unwavering. The nickname was given to him by the Eternal Guard soldier named Case.

The Silver SpikeEdit

Scar approached Bomanz after the wizard wallowed in self-doubt for at least one week on the back of a soaring windwhale. The stone, in an atypically long conversation for a menhir, persuaded Bomanz that he was needed in the fight against the Limper and Toadkiller Dog. He referred to Bomanz by his birth name, Seth Chalk. When questioned, Scar stated that the creatures of the Plain had joined this fight on command of Father Tree, who perceived the Limper as a threat to the Plain itself. Shortly later, Scar conferred to Bomanz that the Tree needed him to wait in the wings, only to reveal his sorcery in "extreme circumstance".

When Scar spoke to Darling, his words were translated by Silent in their sign-language.

At the final confrontation with the Limper in Oar, Scar plummeted off a windwhale and landed upright on the rampart near Case for orders from Darling. He would flash back and forth a few times, conferring directions to windwhales and other Plain creatures, during the crisis. When Raven accidentally touched the silver spike with his bare hand, he began to become possessed by the horrific artifact. Scar conferred the heartbreaking order from Case and Darling to a nearby centaur to kill Raven. He and the entire horde of Plain creatures returned back to their homeland after the battle was done.

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