The Sapling was the sole offspring of Father Tree. It was created during The White Rose, and its failure to accomplish its mission was one of the primary events of The Silver Spike.

The White RoseEdit

The Sapling was brought into being to help humans defeat the Dominator. Father Tree begot the entity, referred to as his "son", after Croaker begged and implored the Tree for help as the Dominator was slowly effecting his escape from the Barrowland up in the Great Forest. Father Tree realized that the Dominator was similar to the ancient prisoner trapped in his own roots, and, detecting "no significant strength" in those who resisted the Dominator, knew that he presented a threat to his loyal creatures of the Plain of Fear.

The Sapling, already standing about eight feet tall, first appeared about twenty feet from the base of Father Tree. It was carefully removed from the soil with the expertise of Elmo, a former farmer. It was carried and guarded by Tracker, the Tree's loyal new servant, who stayed with it on the back of a windwhale as they all departed the Plain for the Barrowland.

At the Barrowland, the Sapling was planted by Tracker in the soil above the Great Barrow. This occurred immediately after the Lady, her new Taken, and Croaker dug up Bomanz from the nearby ground. There, the Sapling stilled the Dominator's ability to re-route the river, slowing his escape slightly but not preventing it. At the Battle of the Barrowland, the Dominator broke his chains but remained trapped inside Darling's null. Tracker put down the Sapling and helped kill the evil tyrant, but at the cost of his own life. The Dominator's malevolent power was drawn out of his decapitated head and sealed inside a silver spike. To keep the spike out of evil hands for countless generations, it was nailed into the trunk of the Sapling, which was replanted into the soil of the Barrowland.

The Silver SpikeEdit

The Sapling was powerful enough to chase away the persistent and extremely resilient demonic entity Toadkiller Dog. However, while the Sapling was preoccupied with the monster, the spike thieves, led by Old Man Fish and Smeds Stahl, threw sticks at it over time. The Sapling believed this was merely a gesture of defiance and did not comprehend the threat. Once the Sapling was surrounded with firewood, they torched it, putting the inexperienced sapling into a coma, and stole the spike. The sapling slowly came back to consciousness and contacted Father Tree about its failure to guard the spike. Ultimately, the spike was permanently disposed of by Father Tree after its recapture by Darling and Case. Nothing further is detailed about the Sapling in Case's journal.

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