Sangel was a collective name for the many dialects spoken by the Shadowlanders. They were largely spoken in the southern Shadowlands beyond the Dandha Presh mountains, perhaps most notably in the ancient city of Kiaulune. The Sangel dialects were likely variations of the Shadowlander language spoken in the northern Shadowlands or the Taglian language.

Sangel was the native tongue of Suvrin, future Captain of the Black Company. During the 4-year gap between Water Sleeps and Soldiers Live, Suvrin taught some Sangel to Tobo during their many trips visiting the various Shadowgates connecting the glittering plain.

Examples of Sangel words and phrases are:

  • Suvrin: meaning "Junior"
  • Tal: short for Taglian, it also meant "turd"
  • Kiaulune: translates to "Shadowgate", since the city of Kiaulune was named after the nearby mysterious structure
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