The Salient is a long, arrowhead-shaped province of flatland pointing south between mountain ranges in the northern continent. Its most important city is the free republic of Roses, and its most important fortress is Meystrikt. North of the Salient is the separate province of Forsberg which contains Oar and Deal. The Salient was presumably one of the earliest provinces added to the Lady's Empire during the Lady's consolidation wars, given its relative proximity to the Tower at Charm.

The Black CompanyEdit

The Salient was a major region in The Black Company. During the frigid winter, the Black Company was garrisoned in Meystrikt. Soulcatcher (one of the Lady's Ten Who Were Taken) and a special team of veterans from the Company created an ingenious trap in Roses to discredit Raker, a prominent general of the Rebel's leadership cabal called the Circle of Eighteen.

The entire Salient was lost to the Rebel, despite the Imperial success in discrediting and killing Raker in Roses. It would be revealed that the Limper, another of the Taken, had secretly hastened the Imperial collapse of this province, as well as Forsberg province before that. He betrayed the Empire because his true name had been learned by Whisper, the most dangerous Rebel leader and another member of the Circle, like Raker.

The Silver SpikeEdit

Roses, and presumably other cities and towns of the Salient, were among the many cities sacked, burned, and plundered by the Limper, his demon-hound Toadkiller Dog, and his ragtag army in The Silver Spike.

After Smeds Stahl survived the violent events in Oar when the silver spike was recovered, he relocated south to the Salient. He opened a struggling brewery in Roses, and never told a soul that he had been one of the spike thieves.

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