Rusty was a sworn brother of the Black Company who appeared during the events of "Shaggy Dog Bridge" and played a prominent role in "Bone Eaters". While Croaker the Annalist deeply disapproved of his aggressive behavior on multiple occasions, he was defended by his only friend, another Company brother named Robin.

"Shaggy Dog Bridge"Edit

At the start of "Shaggy Dog Bridge", Rusty accompanied Robin, Croaker, Whittle, Zeb the archer, and the wizard One-Eye in the reconnaissance team led by Elmo the veteran sergeant. They were scouting the territory ahead of the main column of the Company while on the run from the armies of the Lady's Empire led by the new Taken general Whisper. Rusty was present when One-Eye discovered an ancient, hidden bridge over the massive geological cavity called the Rip. Later, Rusty witnessed firsthand the frightening sorcery battle between Blind Emon and the new Taken in the air over the Master's castle.

"Bone Eaters"Edit

Rusty's attempted rape of a young woman named Chasing Midnight was a key event in "Bone Eaters". Rusty was in the scout group ahead of the Black Company and a huge band of refugees fleeing from the Lady's Empire. He attempted to rape the brigand girl who had been disarmed by Whittle, but was impotent because of her witch's aura. He struck both Robin and Croaker when they attempted to stop him, but was finally chastened when Darling and Silent arrived. The young soldier made himself scarce to avoid punishment.

Some weeks later, Rusty was using the latrine at night when he was ambushed by Midnight's brother, Chasing Moonlight, and some other relatives. Attempting to avenge Midnight's earlier humiliation, they cut him up with non-fatal wounds before Croaker intervened. Croaker had Midnight assist with the suturing of Rusty's new wounds.

At the Village of Hungry Ghosts, Darling selected Rusty to join in a risky special operation so that he could redeem himself. Terrified, he entered the Village with her alongside Elmo, Otto, Hagop, and Croaker. He foolishly charged outside Darling's protective null to stab a wild ass that had been possessed by hungry ghosts, but was himself secretly possessed by one of the discorporate entities. Some weeks later in the city of Rue, Croaker noticed that Rusty's whole personality changed for the better after the incident at the Village, and soon realized he was possessed. Before any exorcism could be attempted, Rusty was abducted by Midnight, Moonlight, and their other relatives, badly tortured and mutilated, and killed. The discovery of Rusty's corpse was the denouement of "Bone Eaters".

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