A rumel is the consecrated killing scarf of the cult of the Stranglers. Because the adherents of the cult (also called Deceivers) are strictly forbidden from ever shedding the blood of a living person, the rumel is an essential part of their religion. Armed with their rumels, the Strangler jamadars and their individual roaming bands secretly take human life in worship of their goddess, Kina.

As part of the Strangler religious doctrine, they believe that those killed with rumels are liberated from the evil cycle of reincarnation (the Wheel of Life) regardless of how terrible their karma may be at the time of the murder. As such, the Stranglers view their murders as an invaluable service to their victims.

Only the rarest, most skilled Stranglers can use their rumel to dispatch a victim without the aid of arm-holders. Therefore the vast majority of rumel killings throughout history were communal cult events.

Rumels are either yellow/saffron, red, or black in color. In one exceptional instance, there was a silver rumel. For the meanings of the colors, see: Stranglers#Organization.

Individuals attacked with rumelsEdit

This is a list of identified individuals in the Annals who were attacked with rumels. Women as rumel wielders are over-represented in this list: Lady and the Daughter of Night are apparently the only women Stranglers in the cult's entire history. All other historical rumel attacks and killings were committed by male Stranglers.

Victim Rumel wielder Result Chronicle
Jahamaraj Jah Lady Death Dreams of Steel
Moma Sharrael Lady Death Dreams of Steel
Shadowspinner Lady Death* Dreams of Steel
To Tan (unidentified Strangler) Death Bleak Seasons
Murgen (black rumel man) Survived Bleak Seasons
Longshadow Narayan Singh Incapacitation She Is the Darkness
Uncle Doj Narayan Singh Incapacitation She Is the Darkness
Perhule Khoji (unidentified Strangler initiate) Death Water Sleeps
Narayan Singh Khadidas Death Soldiers Live
Lady Daughter of Night Survived Soldiers Live

(* Shadowspinner succumbed to many wounds, but, a rumel was one of the primary weapons used to attack him.)

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