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Roses is a major, walled city located in the central part of the Lady's Empire. Despite being within the firmly-established Imperial province of the Salient, the city of Roses itself had the unique distinction of technically being a free republic. The walls of the city were painted in pale red. Three rivers course through the city, all connected by a web of canals, and its bridges are some of Roses' most famous attributes. A road connects Roses to Meystrikt, the most important fortress of the Salient, to the south.

The Rosean language originated there. Roses was the birthplace of Willow Swan and Cordy Mather. A mercenary company called Drake Crest also originated from the city.[1]

The Black Company[]

Roses was a major location in The Black Company. During the frigid winter, Soulcatcher and the Black Company created an ingenious trap in Roses to discredit Raker, a prominent general of the Rebel's leadership cabal called the Circle of Eighteen. The trap worked, and Raker was disowned by his own people, and soon killed by Croaker and Raven of the Company. But it did not have the desired effect on the Rebel morale. The city itself fell to the Rebel after the Limper secretly sabotaged Imperial efforts to protect himself from Whisper, who had learned his true name.

The White Rose[]

Croaker, One-Eye, Goblin, Tracker, and Toadkiller Dog made a brief visit to Roses after they witnessed Darling's surprise raid on Whisper's headquarters at Spit. They traveled to Roses on foot after being dropped off by a windwhale. Operating for Darling's New White Rose Rebellion, they next went north to the Barrowland, where they feigned to be "Candle, Smith, Smith, Tailor, and Sons", a group of traders from Roses. The false Rosean identities helped them deceive the Eternal Guard until their ruse was uncovered.

The Silver Spike[]

Roses was one of the many cities sacked, burned, and plundered by the Limper, his demon-hound Toadkiller Dog, and his ragtag army in The Silver Spike. The Limper, who by these events had been reduced to his head attached to a wicker body, rested outside Roses until massive desertions threatened his southward inertia. When he left Roses and marched on the Tower at Charm, his army numbered 5,000.

After Smeds Stahl survived the violent events in Oar when the silver spike was recovered, he moved to Roses and opened a struggling brewery there. He never told a soul that he had been one of the spike thieves.


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