Rhuknavr was a minor fortress in the Voroshk world which appeared at the end of Soldiers Live. The events at Rhuknavr would be Croaker's last adventure before the end of the Annals.

Soldiers LiveEdit

Rhuknavr belonged to the reigning Voroshk family. After that world suffered an apocalyptic invasion of killer shadows, Rhuknavr remained one of the last surviving strongholds.

When Arkana returned to her world after the shadow invasion, the three or four male Voroshk who controlled the place did not welcome her back as an equal. Instead, they deprived her of her shefsepoken and rheitgeistiden, and decided to force her to become a breeder to help continue their family line. They posted the two youngest Tologev brothers to keep watch at the shadowgate in case Shukrat also returned. And, they did not inform the other surviving Voroshk who commanded Junkledesag and Drasivrad of Arkana's capture, intending to keep her for themselves. Though Arkana could not escape Rhuknavr, she was not completely helpless. She did fend off the men who attempted to force themselves upon her.

Arkana was rescued by Croaker and Shukrat, with help from some Unknown Shadows and even Soulcatcher, who occupied a white crow. When Rhuknavr's occupants awakened from the effects of Shukrat's and Arkana's sleep spells, they finally notified the other Voroshk at Junkledesag and Drasivrad. Seven or eight Voroshk flew out to recapture her, but were too late, and they were unable to pass through the shadowgate.

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