Rhaydreynak (also spelled Rhadreynak) was a warlord in the ancient history of the southern continent who was briefly mentioned in Dreams of Steel and She Is the Darkness. He formed a mighty empire in what is now Taglios and possibly also the Shadowlands an age before the appearance of the Free Companies of Khatovar.

Rhaydreynak insulted the goddess Kina and persecuted her believers, the Stranglers, with vigor and largely drove them out of his empire. The Stranglers were forced to flee to the fortress with no name on the glittering plain to hide their infamous Books of the Dead. The cult was so reduced that the location of the Books was forgotten and their Shadowgate key, the golden pickax, was lost to them. But, the king never fully eradicated the Stranglers, and Rhaydreynak was ultimately killed by their most famous saint Mahtnahan dan Jakel who broke his neck with a silver rumel.

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