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Rhavi-Lemna is the goddess of brotherly love in the Gunni pantheon. Murgen described her as a "reasonable goddess" and mentioned it would not be natural for the priests who administer her cult to be firebrands. A myth about her is described in Dreams of Steel, and one of her priests, Arjana Drupada, is an influential target of the Black Company in Water Sleeps.

In myth[]

A myth purportedly linking Rhavi-Lemna to the earliest history of the Black Company is described in Dreams of Steel. The myth attempted to explain the origin of the wooden shafts of five of the eight legendary Lances of Passion carried by the Free Companies of Khatovar:

[The 5 shafts were] supposed to be of wood from the tree in which the goddess of brotherly love, Rhavi-Lemna, had hidden her soul shortly before the Wolves of Shadow ran her down and devoured her, soon after Man was created. Kina had witnessed the concealment and had torn up the tree and had made it into arrows and lance shafts. If ever the Lords of Light did bring Rhavi-Lemna together again, out of the bellies of the hateful Wolves, she would have no soul. And they could not get that back for her while Kina lay sleeping. Each of the outbound Free Companies of Khatovar had followed one of the Lances when they had broken into the world to bring on the Year of the Skulls. But who had sent them forth? Longshadow could not be sure. The ghost-spirit of sleeping Kina? The Lords of Light, who would restore Rhavi-Lemna?

This myth, like virtually all other legends associated with Kina, was proven false following revelations from Murgen. Instead, the Lances were likely the creations of wizards from Khatovar who were familiar with the workings of Shadowgates.

It is probable that Rhavi-Lemna is also recognized in the polytheistic Shadar cults as well, since they share many deities with the Gunni, but this was not specified.

Unlike Kina – a real entity about whom countless myths have sprung up – there is no indication in the Annals that Rhavi-Lemna was anything other than a mythological character.

Her priest, Purohita Drupada[]

After the myth detailed in Dreams of Steel, Rhavi-Lemna is not discussed directly in the Annals of the Black Company again. But, at least one of her priests is mentioned later:

  1. In She Is the Darkness, Murgen spies on the Radisha Drah who is conspiring against the Black Company with the new crop of Taglian cult leaders, namely, those who consolidated power after the Massacre at Khadi Junction. The Radisha, unaware she was being witnessed by an invisible observer, discussed sensitive military and political matters with an unnamed priest of Rhavi-Lemna.
  2. A priest of Rhavi-Lemna, Arjana Drupada, was the first man assigned to the newly-created position of Purohita. It is strongly likely he was the unnamed priest of Rhavi-Lemna mentioned in She Is the Darkness, and, his appointment coincides precisely with this time period. The office of Purohita was a highly influential position on the Privy Council, and the "sinister" man's "frequent moral bulls" were a source of serious aggravation to Soulcatcher, the true power behind the throne of the Protectorate. Twenty years later, during Water Sleeps, Purohita Drupada was a high-value abduction target of the Black Company. Sleepy judged that there was not "one ounce of brotherly love" in Purohita Drupada, despite his dedication to Rhavi-Lemna.