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The Resurrectionists were a clandestine group dedicated to the liberation of the Dominator from his enchanted prison in the Barrowland. Their original machinations, which took place 370 years after the Barrowland was built, were detailed in the flashback biographic narrative of Bomanz in The White Rose. This occurred during the tenth passage of the Great Comet, which was 37 years before the events of the The Black Company. Subsequent groups also identified as Resurrectionists were involved in several efforts to free the Dominator during the height of The Lady's Empire, and became entwined with Rebel movements against the Lady.

The White Rose[]

The original group was led by a trader from Oar named Tokar. Two of his siblings, Glory and Clete, as well as Glory's fiance Stancil, were important members. Stancil's father, the wizard Bomanz, did not realize his son was a Resurrectionist until it was too late. History would come to erroneously record Bomanz as a key member of the Resurrectionists.

The Resurrectionists worked in absolute secrecy to avoid arousing the suspicion of the Barrowland's garrison commander, the Monitor, and his Eternal Guard, a hereditary group of soldiers tasked since the Barrowland's creation to keep interlopers away. They also manipulated Bomanz into helping their cause.

When the Resurrectionists finally made their move to free the Dominator, many of them were killed in the ensuing carnage by the Eternal Guard or Bomanz himself. In fact, Bomanz was so opposed to the Resurrectionists that, during his desperate last-minute attempt to foil them, he killed his own son Stancil. It was soon revealed that the Resurrectionists themselves were manipulated by the Lady, the wife of the Dominator, whose scheme allowed their efforts to liberate her and the Ten Who Were Taken. But her husband remained imprisoned. She left the Dominator trapped to keep power for herself, and with the help of the Taken, she established her own rule, the Lady's Empire.

One of the Lady's first actions after her liberation was to exterminate all surviving members of the Resurrectionist movement "root and branch", to prevent them from releasing her husband in the future.

Port of Shadows[]

Following the Dominator's imprisonment, a number of refugees from the fallen Domination fled east, beyond the Plain of Fear. Several groups encamped on the fringes of the Ghost Country and became some of the earliest Resurrectionists. They were followed in later centuries by two more waves: the first arrived after the Lady was freed from the Barrowland, and the second arrived after the Rebel's defeat at the Battle of Charm.

At some point after the second wave, the Resurrectionists learned they were not alone in the Ghost Country, and a mysterious granite castle protected by a powerful dome of defensive spells sat in its depths. The castle's ruler at the time, Precious Pearl, had likewise discovered the intruders and settled on eradicating them after they caught and killed one of his daughters, the products of his life's research into necromancy and the creation of life. Precious Pearl used the Ghost Country's revenants to inflict terrible damage on the Resurrectionists, but in the end his enemies tunneled under the dome and captured the castle. By then, the Resurrectionists of the Ghost Country had been whittled down to a single cell of battle-hardened adherents, who were regarded as particularly radical and avoided by other Resurrectionist cells. Precious Pearl's daughters were recognized as copies of one of the Senjak sisters, and the Resurrectionists forced Precious to produce more of them in order to bring about the Port of Shadows, a woman who would bear a child by one of the Dominator's descendants that would serve as a vessel for the Dominator's reincarnation.

Scores of counterfeit Senjaks, one of the first of whom was named Tides Elba, were distributed to settlements across the Aloe region to raise to maturity over the next two decades. Around the same time, the Resurrectionists also constructed a secret shrine in the region which served as a meeting place and repository for records of their plans to create the Port of Shadows.

After the Battle of Charm, the Black Company was deployed to Aloe to quash Rebel activity in the surrounding province, which was being directed by the Ghost Country Resurrectionists. Under the Lady's prodding, the Company discovered Tides Elba and her many sisters, whom they began rounding up in order to disrupt the Resurrectionist plot. Rebel operations fell to pieces after the Company's key victory at Honnoh, site of a Rebel logistics base, in which so many Rebels and Resurrectionists were captured and eliminated that the surviving Rebel presence in the region scattered. A handful of Resurrectionists escaped the battle, but were shaken by the scale of their defeat to the point that they believed one of their number was a traitor, and consequently ceased cooperating with each other.

The last six members of the cell were captured in the Empire's campaign in the Ghost Country, in which the Empire used the same tunnel that the Resurrectionists had dug to breach the granite castle's grounds. In addition to the Resurrectionists, the Empire also obtained the remaining Tides Elba copies and their creator, Precious Pearl, thus bringing an end to the threat of the Port of Shadows.