For the character in Shadows Linger, see Red

The Reds were members of the ruling political group in the city of Beryl during The Black Company. The Syndic to whom the Black Company was in service was the leader of the Reds. The Reds were violently opposed by rivals known as the Blues.

The Black CompanyEdit

The Reds independently controlled the city of Beryl until a group of "volatile" Blues instigated one of the worst riots in the city's bleak history. After a series of violent events, the Black Company lost almost 100 men protecting the Reds and thousands of dead littered the streets. In the aftermath, many Reds in the Paper Tower were killed (either by a forvalaka, or more likely, Shapeshifter disguised as one) and the Syndic himself turned up dead. The Reds remained in control, but only as figureheads: the Taken Soulcatcher installed a new Red Syndic, who was a distant relative of the Syndic whom the Company served. But like Opal before it, Beryl was now a vassal entity of the Lady's Empire. Any independence enjoyed by the Reds was gone.

Afterward, by the time of Shadow Games, the title of Syndic had disappeared, and the rulers of Beryl were simply Imperial governors. The influence and fate of the Reds at this point was unspecified in the Annals.

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