Ranjalpirindi, alongside Chal Ghanda Ghan, were two ambassadors from Taglios who played a political role during the Siege of Dejagore. They were mentioned briefly in Bleak Seasons.

Bleak SeasonsEdit

Ranjalpirindi and Ghanda Ghan represented the Taglian Prince, the Prahbrindrah Drah, in secret negotiations with Mogaba, who was the highest-ranking member of the Black Company inside the besieged city of Dejagore. The two ambassadors assured Mogaba that the Prince would support his claim to the Captaincy of the Black Company. They conducted the negotiations over the loud protests of Mogaba's Nar subordinates. Ranjalpirindi and Ghanda Ghan were apparently also involved in brokering "a tacit agreement between Mogaba and Shadowspinner" to help wipe out the Old Crew faction of the Company, to eliminate those within the Company who did not support his claim. Shadowspinner was, until that point, the single common enemy of everyone else. All of this information was overheard by Thai Dei, an ally of the Old Crew faction, who understood the Taglian language and who spied on Mogaba. He shared this intelligence with Ky Dam, the Speaker (leader) of his race, the Nyueng Bao De Duang. Ky Dam shared this with Murgen of the Old Crew, one of many collaborations that would cement the bond between the Nyueng Bao and the Old Crew.

Later events would transpire that Taglian forces, led by a tribune named Pal Subhir (but directed ultimately by Mogaba), would target the Old Crew themselves and perpetrate a partial genocide of the Nyueng Bao. This would prove to be the terrible fruit of the conspiracy brokered by Ranjalpirindi and Ghanda Ghan between their Prince and Mogaba.

Neither Ranjalpirindi nor Chal Ghanda Ghan are mentioned again in the Annals, and their fates are unspecified.

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