Ram was a huge man of the Shadar religion, but secretly, also a member of the outlawed Stranglers cult. He was 23 years old by the time of Dreams of Steel, during which Lady described him as "tall and massive and hairy [... with] a head like a ball of kinky wire with eyes peering out", a description which seemed to match many Shadar men. His wife had died giving birth. Lady met him and his jamadar, Narayan Singh, and soon afterward Sindhu and other Stranglers, after the Black Company's defeat at the Battle of Dejagore.

Ram served as the Lady's personal bodyguard and became deeply attached to her, even handcrafting a cradle for her unborn child. He opposed his own cult when they tried to abduct Lady's daughter and was murdered by them. Despite being only a yellow rumel man (an apprentice) he fought ferociously, killing 4 four of his fellow cultists before Narayan took his life and kidnapped the baby.

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